Christian Parents, It Is Time To Talk About Aborted Fetal Cell Use in Vaccines

The sacrifices of children for cell line development for new vaccines and medical products continue to this day, and the market for vaccines becomes more and more profitable, and the methods used on these children have only become more excruciating and tortious, as Dr. Deisher describes.

It is time to talk about how we are enabling their suffering.

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Watch: Health Freedom Idaho Teaches Pastors The Truth About Vaccination

The Pharmaceutical industry has been reaching out to ministers of all faiths, in an attempt to prevent them from speaking about vaccine risks and the moral hazards that participation in the the US National Vaccine Plan presents.

Believers in Idaho have come together to inform pastors on the difficult realities that the industry does not want discussed. Please consider sharing this with the clergy in your life, and putting together such an event in your state. is happy to help arrange such events for our brothers and sisters in Christ who have a burden to teach the truth to ministers.

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