Intercessors For America: Persecution Made Law in California


Father God, we ask for Your mercy. Reveal Your wisdom, Your truth, and Your will in this matter. Unify the Body of Christ Lord.

In March 2019, IFA reported on our new understanding of the use of DNA and cellular remains of aborted children as an ingredient in vaccines on the market today. We also learned of active campaigns in legislatures nationwide designed to eliminate existing religious freedoms that exempt individuals who chose not to use these products based on their faith.

By June 2019, Maine and New York joined California, Mississippi and West Virginia in oppressing religious freedom. In the state of New York, 26,000 children were unable to begin school this fall unless their parents ignored their conscience, succumbed to persecution, and capitulated to the state. Just last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom enacted new legislation further restricting the use of a citizen’s remaining medical exemption.

What does this mean for California?

Under the new law, SB 276, physicians extending medical exemptions for compulsory vaccinations to more than 5 patients annually must have their decisions reviewed by a state board. Although this board likely does not know the patients’ medical histories or have a relationship with them, their verdict to grant or deny exemptions is final.


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