Religious Exemption Letter

Due to the large number of people asking for my religious exemption letter, I thought it would be prudent to put it up here so folks can use it as a point of reference should they choose to do so. Please note that since we care an awful lot about pronouns these days, you’ll want to make sure you change those throughout as well. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Rev. Dr. Jason Garwood and I am writing today on behalf of FIRST AND LAST NAME to advocate for him [OR HER] as I understand you may require a religious exemption letter from a religious leader. As an Elder/Pastor in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, I trust you will honor this request knowing that it comes from deeply held religious convictions as it pertains to vaccination. I want to outline the logic behind the biblical/Christian position:

  1. The Bible states in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that my body is considered the temple of the Holy Spirit and due to abhorrent ingredient list issued by the CDC, I cannot, in good conscience, participate in the vaccination program. To receive any vaccine would violate this Scripture and basic Christian doctrine, and thus it desecrate my “temple/body.”
  2. The Bible also states in Genesis 1:27 that we as humans are made in the image of God, which presupposes that our bodies have legitimate systems in place to handle viral or bacterial infection and/or disease. It is my religious conviction that the immune system God has created with both a cell-mediated response and humoral response, is sufficient and does not need any “help” from alchemist “scientists” who still have yet to provide the people of the United States with a double-blind, placebo controlled testing of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. (As a result, vaccine efficacy is in serious question for which the CDC et. al., has not provided sufficient evidence).
  3. The Bible, which is my ultimate authority for faith and life, states in 1 Corinthians 2:5 that following God in all matters pertaining to life (including health, etc.) requires me to trust him first and foremost.
  4. The Bible teaches in 1 Corinthians 2:15 that “the spiritual person judges [discerns] all things but is himself to be judged by no one.” This means that I have the God-given right to discern and judge for myself, without coercion, the things I put in my body. Basic Christian doctrines says that no one is permitted to coerce me into violating my conscience.

I repeat, for further emphasis: To participate in any vaccine program, especially the COVID-19 vaccination program, is morally reprehensible, and would be, in the most serious of manner, an egregious breach of conscience and religion. [NAME] shares this belief.

The excipients list provided by the Center for Disease Control demonstrates the “unclean” nature of vaccines. Aluminum, thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and strands of proteins from aborted fetal cells are among the chief culprits for why my religious beliefs declare the unclean and immoral nature of the vaccine program, especially the COVID-19 vaccine program (see Job 14:4).

Religious convictions do not necessitate cross-examination and voluminous explanation. I have stated very clearly that my Christian convictions regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines puts me at odds with the vaccine schedule. The excipient list provided by the CDC, which demonstrates the toxicity of the vaccine program, is morally repugnant and violates my conscience and religious convictions in a most grievous way. To inject foreign substances in my body violates the basic tenants of my Christian faith.

Regarding medical experiments and procedures, the first point of the ten points of the Nuremberg Code specify the nature of individual choice regarding the practice of medicine: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

Biblical religion is one of individual freedom and responsibility to protect life and prevent injury, and it rejects coercion being the means of administering medicine. I repeat for further emphasis: [NAME’S] deeply held religious beliefs do not allow him to participate in the COVID-19 vaccine program, and to do so would be a reprehensible violation of both doctrine and conscience.

While it is possible that [NAME] may or may not have allowed in the past for vaccines to be injected into his person, this in no way gives carte blanche permission for this exemption to be rejected and for your organization to force him to take them again. A person’s change in conviction when light is shed on a doctrine means that a person is now in a position to do better, for newly acquired ethical conviction happens all of the time. [NAME’S] conviction on the matter has awakened his conscience and to go back on this would be detrimental to his faith.

Therefore, [NAME] is exercising his rights under Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Law of 1964, section 12, to receive religious exemption to immunizations due to his genuine and sincere religious beliefs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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  1. I may need this letter. My job might require a letter from a pastor. I turn in my paperwork Nov.3, 2021

  2. Thank you soo much. I refuse to allow my freedom and rights to be confiscated. 😌🙏🏽 God bless you.

  3. Me Too!, I work at home for the last 10 years for Aetna insurance and they are making mandatingg a vaccine by March 31st 2022.. In the 10 years I have worked at home I’ve never had to go in to an office building, they mail all the updated computers or phones to my home! Thank you so much for providing us with this religious Letter!

  4. On Tuesday, the leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson sent a letter to priests explaining his perspective on the issue after being approached about exemptions from vaccine and mask mandates.

    Thanks for posting this letter

  5. Thank you Rev. Dr. Jason Garwood, it’s terrifying that these levels of hoops need to be jumped through just to remain true to our beliefs in Christ.

  6. Thank you for posting this very thought provoking and extraordinary letter. As a nurse who worked through the alpha, delta and now the omnicron variant, I am truly disheartened by the purposeful lack of data on natural immunity by our medical and scientific community. Before Covid 19, natural immunity was held in high regard and is easily monitored with titer and T cell serum tests. To fire healthcare workers during a pandemic only further cements the deception I feel is being perpetrated. While I have natural immunity from being previously infected, I have witnessed numerous co-workers who were vaccinated contract and spread Covid-19 to other vaccinated co-workers and patients. To this date, I have never tested positive for Covid-19 since my infection in March 2019. I have witnessed physicians who dare to question the lack of science and failure to treat methodology silenced and ostracized. I trust those physicians far more than the ones who follow lock step with no comment or curiosity of THE plan put forth by bureaucrats and politicians. I trust the physicians who are there elbow deep next to us actually trying to treat and try off label remedies which are denied by hospital CEOs afraid of opposing the people in DC. We now live in a world where politicians can now extort healthcare facilities with threats of withholding Medicare/Medicaid funding for a vaccine that does not prevent you from getting a virus or prevent you from spreading it to others. I don’t recognize the world we live in.

    1. Thank you so much, I am a Nurse as well, and thanks to this wonderful information, I was approved for my religious accommodation to this overreaching mandate by this authoritarian regime.

      1. Thank you for what you do. I, too, am in the health care field. Did you use the letter verbatim, subtract or modify it in any way?

  7. My school is now requiring I submit a letter on letterhead from a religious leader or they will deny my exemption. I am so upset and do not know what I’m going to do…..this is disgusting and goes against my rights and beliefs.

  8. So This letter is allowed (by Reverend Dr. Jason Garwood) to be given to our employer if needed to confirm our religious convictions?

      1. Do you have one for school-aged or will this work as well? I am currently working on

  9. Ten years ago I felt led to leave my profession as a nurse. One of the reasons I began to think of a new career was the stance on vaccinations. I had turned away from vaccines, and even was given a not welcoming response when I stated that many of the vaccines required aborted cells. Ten years later, in a field that I feel God guided me to where I make a difference that required a whole different degree and licensure I’m forced to make a decision. I do not vaccinate my children, I don’t vaccinate myself. Researching started me on my doubt, but following his word has never once convicted me that I’m doing the wrong thing. I have worried that I’m the past maybe I made a wrong decision at times, but the truth is God made our bodies to fight, vaccination is not natural. It doesn’t go into the body the natural way that God intended for our system to react to infection. It leaves toxins that can be poisonous to some. I pray that my letter and my past proof that this is something I changed careers because of will save my position. It is more than just a position to make money, it’s honestly what I believe I was called to do. Taking that calling away will hurt, but if it’s his will then I will accept it.

    1. Hello sir, you can copy & paste it into a Word document and attach my name to the bottom. You’ll also want to insert your name and make sure all the pronouns are correct. Also, save the image of our church and put that in the document at the top so that it’s on “letterhead.” Let me know if you have any more questions. Grace and peace!

      1. Hi Jason Your name does not appear when you copy and paste in a word document…. how can we get a copy with it on the letter?

  10. Thank you Jesus for bringing me to this website. I definitely appreciate this letter for my Employer. As a healthcare worker I have yet to be diagnosed positive with any form of COVID, as my Lord and Saviour protects me. I am a front line worker, with daily contact with COVID patients. Yes, I take precautions, PPE, handwashing etc. I will not take any substance into my body that has a potential to harm.

  11. Jason, I am tired of losing Nursing jobs over this mandate issue, Frankly, I am at my wits end and seriously thinking of just leaving all together. It’s exhausting, disheartening and extremely sickening that this great country even has to endure this. I am a USN veteran and now RN trying to provide for my family with a disabled husband at home. I appreciate and letter you created. Detailed and very well put together. Thank you and I will submit this next week and say a Prayer. I leave this in God’s hands.

  12. Also, do you have any contact information or email I can place on the letter itself? I know that is a strange request, but I feel that they may want something as far as contact info for whom wrote? What are your thoughts?

      1. I appreciate this Reverend Jason, I truly believe this is the will of God to help us Healthcare workers who are being FORCED to inject ourselves with poison vs. securing our career and financial stability for us and our loved ones.

  13. Thank you so much for this letter and allowing anyone to copy/paste and submit it to any employer. I’m applying for a new job in the healthcare system and will need the vaccine exemption. Can this letter be used in any US state?
    God Bless!

  14. Hi and thank you so much for this!
    Has this exemption worked for immigration (USCIS) ?
    I also heard some places automatically deny any exemptions even though they accept the paperwork, 99% of it is denied.

  15. I used your form letter Reverend exactly like it is on your website with your https link. I am trying to get a job back in nursing so we will see how it goes. It feels as if we are in a spirtual battle just for our Christian beliefs.

  16. God Bless you sir, this letter may very well mean the difference for me getting the job I applied for. They had my background check deemed as “Does not meet company standards” solely for the fact that I declined the vaccine during my time in the Army. I will have to use this letter in my appeal so my wife and I greatly appreciate you and your efforts.

  17. I need a letter of exemption to start my remote position for Cigna. Can you please help me as I don’t have a church in Florida to assist me with this? I am supposed to start on 04/25/2022.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Please feel free to copy/paste this into a Word or Pages file, adjust the letterhead accordingly, and then submit via PDF. You have permission to use the letter.


      Jason G.

  18. Dear Dr. Jason Garwood,

    I believe what I put into my body is between me and my maker, therefore, I am filing for a religious exemption from a covid-19 vaccine for an employer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

    I would like permission to submit the above religious exemption letter with the required paperwork.

    Thank you for your kindness and consideration.


    Jeanene R. Jones

    1. Hello, Jeanene!

      Permission has already been granted, which is why it’s here for the public. Please do use the letter for your required paperwork. Blessings!

      Jason G.

  19. Hi,

    Are you allowing any one to use this letter with your signature on it?

    Do you think we should state that feedom of religion is constitutionally protected?

    1. Yes, for those who share the sentiments of the letter’s convictions, they may use it. You can state that freedom of religion is constitutionally protected, certainly.


  20. Thank you for letting the sincere public share this letter as needed. I have, and I appreciate it very much. Bless you, Sandra

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