A Letter to Open the Discussion with Your Church

The Church cannot repent of sin that it does not know exists. Have you told your church about the aborted fetal cell remains in vaccines? If not, here is a way for you to start.

Telling Your Church About The Vaccine Issue

In His Own Words

Leonard Hayflick, the developer of the process by which the bodies of aborted children are used to make vaccines, in his own words.

Aborted Fetal Material Used in Vaccines

Children of God for Life has provided the following science evidence which is recorded in the vaccine manufacturer package inserts, science publications and patents.

Vaccine Fetal Cell Lines

A quick guide to show others the use of fetal cell lines in the products that they are being coerced into purchasing and using.

Vaccines & Aborted Babies: Should Christians be Concerned?

diamonds. Ethically sourced clothing. Ethically sourced food. It’s even sort of trendy. What about ethically sourced vaccines?

There are thousands of scientific studies in the medical literature on the risks of vaccines.