Beginning the Conversation in the Church on Vaccine Issues

Many of us who have been educated on the physician and moral risks that the current vaccine program may pose have quietly abstained from using one or more of the products that have been mandate for school entry and some employment.

Now that the vaccine industry and the American Academy of Pediatrics have resolved to have all religious vaccine exemptions in the US removed, we can no longer afford to sit quietly.

No matter the persecution or consequences that come, it is time to talk openly about vaccine issues in the Church from a biblical perspective.

To fail to do so means the end of our rights to abstain from engaging with the abortion industry, and our rights to bodily autonomy.

Here we offer you three ways to engage the Church:

1. Opening the Conversation with your Pastor and Elders.

The Church cannot repent of sin that it does not know exists. Here we offer you a sample letter to personalize and send to your overseers to make them aware of the problem, and ask for an in person meeting to start the talk.
Telling Your Church About The Vaccine Issue

2. Opening the Conversation with your Church members.

Beginning the discussion with church members or small groups can start here. We offer you an article to share with other lay people to start the conversation in a proper biblical and relevant current events.
The Subject That The Church Is Choosing Not To Talk About

3. Opening the Conversation with your Christian School.

Few Christian schools in the US understand what the new removal of vaccine mandates really mean for their ministries. We offer you an opening to the in depth conversation that the Church and its education arms must engage in now.
Does the Church Have the Right to Bar Children from Christian Schools for Vaccine Refusal, or a Biblical Obligation to Disciple Them?

Speaking the Truth in Love

What we say and how we say it are equally important.

The conversations that you are about to embark on are at the intersection of the two most divisive topics in medicine, abortion and vaccines. Understand that that these involve deeply personal issues that cover life and death itself. They may bring out unexpected emotions.

Love everyone no matter where they are on these issues, remembering that Christ loved us so much that he died for us while we were yet his enemies. Your calling is to warn your brothers and sisters, and to speak the truth in love, not to bring about a specific result. That is the work of The Holy Spirit.

So before you begin:

  1. Come before the Lord in praise and worship.
    Matthew 22:37
    God loves you, he longs for your attention, and He is jealous when other things in your life come before your attention to him.
    It has been said that “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Remember that knowing and being known by God is primary, and that we have been exhorted not to lose our first love, or the joy of our salvation.
  2. Repent of any sin which may be a weight on you.
    Hebrews 12:1-3
    We are constantly picking up new things to weigh us down.
    Ask Him if “there be any wicked way in me,” and repent of all that is outside of His desires for you. Let go of any anger or unforgiveness that you may hold in your heart, especially on these difficult and painful issues. Refocus on our calling to life a life of repentance, constantly course correcting to become more like Jesus, and making ourselves into vessels for the potter’s use.
  3. Cast aside all fear.
    Isaiah 41:10
    Beginning this conversation is a source of great stress for many, especially those who have not “come out” on this issue yet. God calls us to leave behind all fear of worldly consequences of being obedient to Him. Set the fear aside, act in obedience and wisdom, and leave the results to God.
    If you need to spend more time meditating on God’s commands on fear, we have put this together for you: Fear God Only.