The Fellowship of Christian Reconstructionist Churches Issues a Statement on Vaccines

The Fellowship of Christian Reconstructionist Churches (FCRC) is a new affiliation of reformed churches that, “exists to glorify God by planting, advancing, and sustaining Christian civilization.”

Their charter lays out in detail the biblical grounds for advocacy work, which includes the position that Christianity requires believers both respect civil government as an institution from God, and, promote the engagement of “the necessity of Christian activism, the proper pursuit of justice, involvement in local, state, and national politics, the doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, and the work of abolition [of abortion].”

Their approach recognizes four distinct governmental entities, each of which has their own sphere of responsibility, none of which has the right to encroach on the other. Self Governance, Family Governance, Church Governance and Civil Governance.

Additionally, the body holds specific positions on current current political issues including marriage, gender roles, education, statism, racism, segregation, slavery and vaccination.

“A biblically faithful view of the civil sphere as well as the ecclesiastical sphere provides no jurisdiction for civil magistrates or ecclesiastical authorities to mandate or in any way coerce parents to inject vaccines, or any other substance into their children. Any civil or ecclesiastical authority who attempts to mandate that parents vaccinate their children, whether through any form of public banishment, fine, imprisonment or other forms of coercion are acting tyrannically and are in grievous sin. Any attempt to impede fellowship in the body for the unvaccinated by a believer is divisiveness and, unless repented of, is grounds for excommunication. We affirm that quarantine of the sick is a biblical and wise practice and that it is sinful to knowingly expose others to what is known to be a contagious disease. We deny that the unvaccinated can be assumed to carry diseases for which they have not been vaccinated.”

The FCRC essentially hold the position that no church or state has the authority to mandate or coerce vaccine uptake, and any one who tries coerce vaccination in such a way is in sin so serious that it should be met with excommunication from the church.

It is a bold position statement that is long overdue.

6 thoughts on “The Fellowship of Christian Reconstructionist Churches Issues a Statement on Vaccines”

  1. Finally! A group of believes that is willing to stand up to Satans evil in our world!

  2. Thank-you so much for making this statement. I agree that it’s long overdue but I’m hopeful that the impact of your message will be heard wide and far!

  3. There are also strong arguments that can be made for state-mandated vaccines. Church leaders should not be too quick to take sides on a complex issue. It can also be argued that vaccination is a modern form of quarantine, that is less disruptive to families and societies. It seems the wisest course of action with such a complex issue is for the church to say, we will not try to adjudicate something on which we have no specific Scriptural warrant. The Bible says to obey the government except when it explicitly requires people to violate God’s law. To urge Christians to participate in criminal disobedience without a clear warrant is irresponsible. Such choices should be considered up to the individual. The individual can weigh whether it is worth prison time to disobey a particular law on which there is no clear-cut Scriptural position.

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