Participation in the abortion industry is now required for full participation in public life, including Christian education, in five US States.

The Church is choosing not to talk about it.

Mandatory vaccine laws, and the removal of the religious exemption, are actively persecuting God’s people. With rare exceptions, even in those places that are almost solely focused on ending the atrocities of abortion in America, Christians cannot hold open discussions on this aberration.

Because the Church in America lives in fear of talking openly about vaccines.

In 1962 Leonard Hayflick of the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia made arrangements with an abortion provider in Sweden to screen parents and to provide him with a suitable female child’s body for the harvesting of her tissue and the reproduction of her cells. A little girl aborted because her married parents did not want another child was sent to him. Her body was dismembered and her various tissues were placed in a solution to dissolve the connective tissue between her cells so that Hayflick could isolate and replicate them. Her lung tissue proved to be the most useful to Hayflick.

The child has no other name but “WI-38.”

The Wistar Institute would not allow Hayflick to reap the profits from the use of her cells to his satisfaction. So he stole the cells from the lab and drove them to Stanford University in the back seat of his Pontiac, alongside his children. There, he used her now replicated cells to incubate viruses, creating the first vaccine using aborted fetal cell lines. Thus, 57 years later her cellular remains have been injected into the vast majority of the human population.

Hayflick was then contracted by the World Health Organization to travel the world, teaching others his method for developing aborted fetal cell lines. Today untold numbers of aborted children have had their organs harvested and dissected for use in not only vaccines, but other medical products.

The pro-life church is largely unaware that when they purchase some vaccines they are doing business with the abortion industry. By virtue of demand for new “cell lines” derived from aborted children (as these cell lines have a limited number of replications), the vast majority have become unwitting participants in an industry they may abhor. Few understand that they are injecting the residual DNA and blood proteins of that little girl and other unfortunate victims into themselves and their children.

In March the AAP announced that their top priority was to violate the religious rights of Americans.
They quickly realized that they had been too honest in their headline, and changed the language.

Because the Church has not talked about this.

And now, even as Christian lawyers defend the religious freedom of Christians business owners to abstain from parts of Obamacare–and win– the Church is still choosing not to talk about this. Nor is it defending the rights of Christian mothers to abstain from doing business with the abortion industry.

In August, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a team of non-Christian lawyers stood in front of a New York Supreme Court judge and defended the rights of Christian parents to send their children to school…. including Christian schools. The caveat they fought was the children could only attend if they were fully vaccinated, including with vaccines that were made with and included aborted fetal cell material.

Our Church lawyers were nowhere to be found.

The absence of Evangelical Christian litigators in this fight is dumbfounding. In New York, California, Maine, Mississippi and West Virginia, the laws being implemented force Christian schools to expel Christian families who refuse to buy and inject products from abortion. This is the State forcing the Church to restrict the Christian education, fellowship and discipleship of some believers. And yet the Church in America has said and done almost nothing to stop it.

In the last five years, the vaccine industry has introduced more than 100 bills to remove religious rights of those who object to their products. Their goal is to remove religious civil liberties in all 50 states. The American Academy of Pediatrics joined in support by announcing this past spring that their highest priority in 2019 is the removal of religious vaccine exemptions in the US.

The Church in America has not even complained.

On the contrary, several prominent Christian media organizations have bought into and uncritically passed on secular industry falsehoods about vaccine safety, efficacy and content. They further offer unbiblical counsel on the ethics of such products and fail to inform believers that vaccine makers in the US are not subject to liability when their products kill and injure children. Worse, they even instruct Christian parents to allow their children to be persecuted and excluded from society if they refuse to inject those children with “WI-38’s” DNA.

And no where in the church in America, its universities, or its medical establishments are the requisite fact checking or conversations between pastors and parishioners, doctors and patients, schools and families, scholars and students, or attorneys and clients, taking place.

What we do have are acts of “Drive-by Journalism” published in Christian outlets by those who have set themselves above families, and who have taken it upon themselves to judge these matters without the input of the families impacted by these judgments. We have articles and opinions by men, sometimes with only thinly veiled contempt for those who are opting out of liability-free vaccines because of the deep corruption in the industry, instructing mothers on what they should think and do. They hit send on their missives and are no where to be found when mothers by the thousands take issue with their lack of basic fact checking, poor logic, and misuse of scripture. They have made their pronouncements, the church must be guided by them, and they remain unavailable to defend their shoddy work.

One such article published in June was answered in August in a six part series by Jordan Wilson in the New City Times entitled, “The Gospel Coalition and Vaccines.” It stands in stark contrast to almost every other vaccine-related article that has come out of Christian publishing. It treats dissenting believers with the requisite love and respect that Christ calls us to everywhere in Scripture. It is fact based and deeply sourced, uses Scripture appropriately and BEGINS open conversation on vaccination in the Church rather than attempting to end it.

Despite being the most thorough work published on the issue in the church yet, there has been no response to it. None of the authors who have condemned those in the church who decline full participation in the US National Vaccine Plan have responded. Wilson has been offered no critical review of where he is in error.

Mr. Wilson’s contrary response to his Christian brother is bold, thus at least one of these men are wrong on the facts, so where is the “iron sharpening iron” debate? Or if either man stands in error or false teaching to the church, where is the Matthew 18 church discipline that we are required to perform to confront and teach them where their sin lies so that they can be reconciled to Christ and the larger body?

Or has The Church in America simply abandoned obedience to Christ in things that are “controversial?” And if so, are we the Bride of Christ any longer? Is false teaching that can result in the deaths of our children not important enough to address?

There is a very serious problem when an actual life and death issue that impacts every single human beginning at conception is an unacceptable issue for open and deep investigation and discussion in the church, and when earnest attempts to begin that conversation are met with cold silence and shaming.

The world and its corrupt industry have lied to the church. The world has shamed Christians into either agreeing with it completely on full participation in their ever expanding liability-free vaccine program, or being terrified of having an open conversation about it where dissenting mothers stand shoulder to shoulder in equal standing with medical professionals promoting their products. There are few corners of the church in America that have escaped this fear campaign, and we can only find three pulpits that have witnessed open sermons on the implications of Christian participation in the current vaccine program.

The current US vaccine program is deeply corrupt. The MMR vaccine is made with aborted fetal cell lines and contains the remains of those children. It is required in every state for school attendance, five of which no longer allow believers to attend school if they opt out of participation in the abortion industry via religious exemption. We at have chosen to talk about this in the church, warning our brethren, and speaking the truth in love.

We encourage everyone who loves children, to join us.