We Call Her Winnie

For years we have talked about the WI-38 cell line as if it rolled off an assembly line, and it is not part of an innocent little girl who was murdered. Referring to people by numbers is dehumanizing.

In our conversations about this child, her lungs, her cells, her DNA and her blood proteins, we felt more and more empty as we continued to refer to her, and what was stolen from her, by a number assigned to her by Leonard Hayflick, who contracted with Sven Guard for her murder to obtain her lungs in Sweden in 1962 .

So we named her Winnie.

Winifred Isaksson could be the name of an elegant Swedish woman in her late 50s, and it is the formal name that we have given to her so that she may be referred to with the dignity that is due every child of God.

We have also taken to calling the British boy that was killed for his cells, marketed under the product name MRC-5, Michael Richard Christian.

Mikey was a child who was fearfully and wonderfully made, and whose life gave God joy. We honor him and those who suffered his fate.

We believe that all of the children killed for organ harvesting deserve names, as do all children, but we have not yet done so for any of the other children killed for vaccine research purposes.


Lanie Danae contacted us about another cell line child.  “Little Dani is the name I gave the baby girl WALVAX-2 was derived from. It means “God will judge.”

Danielle Wong now has a name.

5 thoughts on “We Call Her Winnie”

  1. Ginger Taylor is emerging as a spiritual witness to the dark underbelly of the vax$ine program. Thanks to Ginger, those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel recognize the truth: the Greater Good ethos used to justify human sacrifice and cannibalism is just another form of evil.

  2. I’ve often wondered who the children would have become had they been given the chance to live. What their children and grandchildren would have become. It saddens me that event the Christian community accepts vaccinations that have been created through the deaths of other children. We need to change this.

  3. Ginger, there were 9 babies aborted and they chose the best cell line of them all for WALVAX-2. We should name the other 8 babies, too, even though their cells are not being sold. I love what you’re doing, even though it makes me cry.

    1. They all deserve names. The 27 killed before they were satisfied with Winnie’s lungs. The 70 plus Plotkin used for a single research project. The thousands used since this began in the 1930s. They were all a joy to God.

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