What does the Bible say about vaccines? As Christians, should we vaccinate our kids?

Dr. Serge, The nutrition Scientist

I get a lot of questions when it comes to vaccination and Christianity.

Some people claim that Christians should not be vaccinated and should not vaccinate their kids.

Some Christians believe that vaccines are a gift from God to save humanity of infectious diseases.

It is an extremely, cognitively dissonant fact that at least half of Americans polled consider themselves to be against abortion (i.e. “pro-life”), yet the vast majority of Americans support a vaccine schedule that requires the induced abortion of a fetus (and the subsequent harvesting of aborted fetal cells) for the production of vaccines injected into their loved ones

First, they are making a utilitarian decision on some level. Practically speaking, they are willing to disregard one of their religion’s most fundamental moral precepts because they believe by doing so these abortion-derived vaccines will protect themselves and their children from life-threatening diseases. Clearly, here, the health of the body is being prioritized over the health of the soul.

Second, it reflects a lack of authentic religious faith. Clearly, for this population, the religion of Modern Medicine and its supposedly Science-Based scriptures trumps that of religious tenets that forbid support of abortion and/or complicity with it.

Where the American public places their faith, not in theory but as actually practiced, is at the heart of the issue. Most Americans believe it a foregone conclusion that the “science on vaccine safety and efficacy is settled,” when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth when the actual, non-industry funded published literature is taken into account. Given the uncritical and unquestioning faith the general populace has in the media and government on vaccine issues (The CDC’s authority, for instance, being eminence-based and not evidence-based), their assumption that their children’s lives will be in dire peril if they don’t vaccinate clearly overrides supposedly God-ordained moral precepts that must be obeyed to ensure their souls won’t be in dire peril. What does this say about modern religious beliefs and their waning strength?  

Y’all know that I am a Christian and today we will debunk this question because it is at the heart of this pro vs anti-vax debate and therefore is very important to address.

This essay is pretty long because I wanted to cover as much as possible. I spent months studying the question, so be patient .

The main issue that Christians have is that about half of the vaccines are derived from or contains human embryonic cells.

Those cells are harvested from aborted fetuses.

And Christians are supposed to be against abortion. I say “supposed” because I have met “Christians” who justified abortion as being okay in certain circumstances.

Some others claim that because those human embryonic cell lines were generated in the 60s, it is acceptable to use them to make vaccines for the greater good.

In other words, it’s been 60 years so who cares babies were killed back then?

This is called justification and is the primary enemy of our mind…

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