NY Supreme Court Rules That The Amish Cannot Exercise Religious Vaccine Exemption To Attend Their Own Private Amish School Of 24 Amish Children.

The petition by an Amish father to the New York State Supreme Court to allow his family to practice their faith and allow his children to attend a private Amish school has been denied.

Jonas Stoltzfus has three children, all unvaccinated, who attend the Cranberry Marsh school in Romulus, NY, a town between Rochester and Syracuse.

Amish father Jonas Stoltzfus recently filed a lawsuit challenging a new New York state law requiring students to be fully immunized against contagious disease.

Stoltzfus says he was informed that his three children will be blocked from attending their Cranberry Marsh School, a traditional Amish school in this Seneca County settlement of six church districts. All 24 students at the school are Amish.

Stoltzfus’ case was based on clear religious arguments:

Stoltzfus’ opposition to the law was based on his belief that “God made his children ‘right and good’ and to vaccinate his children is to lose faith in God,” the lawsuit states.

It added he believes “to rely on a manmade solution would be an act of disbelief in the power of our God to heal and protect us.”

A state Supreme Court Justice has now denied Stoltzfus’ legal challenge to temporarily stop the law:

Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle ruled that the state has the authority to require vaccinations to protect public health, citing prior appeals court decisions. He also rejected the lawsuit claims that the new law should be halted because it violated religious rights’ protections in the state constitution.

“Put another way, the free exercise clause of the New York Constitution would yield to a valid exercise of the state’s police powers,” Doyle wrote in the order on Tuesday.

Amish America

Kevin Barry of First Freedoms, Attorney for Mr. Stoltzfus, says that there are no current plans to appeal the decision.  The case was unilaterally withdrawn by Mermigis and Barry (without prejudice) while the school remains open.

Barry says that the state of New York has threatened to shut down the Cranberry Marsh School that the Stoltzfus children attend, though the state has taken no action yet.

WSKG has reported that, “Under the rules barring religious exemptions to vaccines, schools can be fined up to $2,000 per day for each student who is out of compliance.”

The First Freedom’s web site notes the unusual choice that the judge made in writing his opinion.

Judge Daniel Doyle’s bare-bones, elementary opinion is frustrating and disheartening (PDF below).  The glaring absence of any analysis of the plaintiff’s strongly-held religious beliefs shows an open and callous disrespect for religious freedom.  Shockingly, the Judge’s order does not even mention that the Plaintiff’s family is Amish, completely ignoring that the Amish are a religious sect which fled persecution in Europe seeking religious liberty in America which they enjoyed in NY for 242 years (1777-2019).  

First Freedoms
Plaintff’s Attorney Statement on Stoltzfus v. Cuomo Decision
 Denying the Preliminary Injunction

New York law now requires K-12 Amish children to receive a combined 35 doses of 10 vaccines:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • Meningococcal

There is currently a bill in the NY Legislature to ad the HPV vaccine, for a sexually transmitted virus, to the mandatory school schedule.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has now joined the vaccine industry, and announced that their number one priority is the removal of the religious vaccine exemption from every state in the US. Participation in the abortion industry is now required for full participation in public life, including christian education, in five us states. New York, California, West Virginia, Mississippi, and soon Maine will require children to be vaccinated with aborted fetal cell line vaccines to be educated in both public and private Christian schools, and legislation is being presented to do so in more than a dozen states.

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    1. Pro vaccine / anti science people are rabid that everyone receive all vaccines created by these pharma companies who refused to be held accountable for injuries and deaths their products have caused. What is the motive behind these inhumane mandates that violate strongly held philosophical and religious beliefs as well as medical exemptions given by physicians who know the family’s medical history? Why do the leaders of the anti science / anti freedom movement refuse to hold public debate? If they have the facts, they wouldn’t run like cowards!

        1. It is far deeper and more sinister than money. It is everything from populpation control to genocide.

      1. America no longer stands for the things she used to stand for, because the citizens refuse to stand for her. Welcome the new America, she will force you to love her.

    2. I agree…AGAINST their constitutional rights!!! There should be studies done, to see if the Amish have less autism withlack of vaccinations!!! 😠👿😠

      1. They have about 1-2 people within their whole entire religion with autism. They only need for these vaccines is to kill them.

        1. There are 0 amish children born into an amish family with autism. All children with autism in the amish community were adopted

      2. Already been done. To this point, Amish children have nearly a zero incidence of Autism, mental retardation, auto-immune disease, and most of the common diseases that most of us suffer from.

      3. Actually they HAVE done a study. While autism has risen in the rest of the USA, the Amish have seen no such rise in their unvaccinated community.

        1. According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., there was a study done. But the study results indicated that the Amish were much healthier than the non-Amish vaccinated children and the Amish children did not get autism. So, big pharma took the study and locked it away in a vault that is inaccessible to basically everyone. It is pure evil, power, corruption, and lies.

      1. We should not be surprised. The Bible clearly teaches in Rev 13 that the lamb-like beast would speak like a dragon before Christ returns. The dragon is Satan, and he surely is not going to grant God’s children to worship Him according to their own consciences.

    3. Our government whether state or federal does not care about the Constitution any more. Only their own agenda’s, which usually revolves around money of course.

    4. No, no, no, no! Do not allow unvaccinated children or adults anywhere near my family or friends

        1. That is exactly how I feel. Why would anyone get these…..so called diseases if they were vaccinated?

      1. If vaccinated people are around non-vaccinated people why the problem? Isn’t that why you are vaccinated, so you don get whatever? Example. Susie comes to school with the mumps. Your son, John, has been vaccinated against mumps. Your son John will not get the mumps.

      2. It is more concerning to be around your vaccinated children, friends and family, than to be around the unvaccinated. More vaccinated people spread diseases than not, due to shedding.

        1. Most people don’t even know about shedding. It is a well kept secret, like the Vaccine Court, or the 1986 law signed by Reagan exempting Big Pharma from ever being libel for any vaccine injury.

      3. If your family & friends are vaccinated, why are you worried about unvaccinated people being around them… unless… vaccines… don’t… work…?

      4. If your children are vaccinated, why worry? Why allow states to force any kind of medical care on anyone? This is a very dangerous precedent.

      5. You obviously believe vaccinations work as you and your family are vaccinated. So if vaccinations work what is the threat to you by someone who is not vaccinated? You are actually a threat to them because you won’t get the disease but you could be a carrier of it 🙄

      6. Unvaccinated people, just like airborne viruses floating around in the air around you, are all around you. You are just as likely to breathe in a virus when you walk out of your front door as you are to get it from an unvaccinated person. Why do these parents not have the right to not have aborted male fetus DNA, mercy, aluminum, formaldehyde, e-coli, tissue from monkeys, bovine, pigs and chickens used to make vaccines injected into their children. have you ever looked at the ingredients? Probably not, Are you currently up to date on your vaccine adult schedule? Are you brave enought to look into the possibility that these vaccines are not being duly tested and the vaccine manufactures can not be held liable for vaccine injury. That is why there is a Vaccine Injury Compensation fund that has paid out over 4B to families with vaccine injured children. Are you brave enough to even look? I wasn’t because I am a retired nurse. Now with grandchildren I investigated from both sides. I am sick about what I am learning. Are you ready to be mandated to have your children and yourself be vaccinated with the new Ebola and Aids vaccine that have live viruses in them? Just curious. My children were vaccinated and I totally understand the need to feel that is what we should do, but my children didn’t receive the number of scheduled vaccines they are now pushing. If they work so well, why are they adding more and more injections of the same vaccine to the schedule? Check out ProCon.org and look at incredients MRC-5 or human diploid ingredient is from an aborted male fetus from the late 60’s… you want that in your child?

      7. If you’re vaccinated, then you’re safe, right? So ehy would you be worried about coming in contact with unvaccinated Amish?

    5. Fascism in full effect. File a complaint against the judge for abuse of process. Go to the Federal court and file an injunction and temporary restraining order. Religion convictions is protected. And these vaccines are not tested for their safety. Example how they violate Scriptures they have monkey and chicken Gene’s in them. This violates scriptures

  1. Let the Fathers and Mothers of the Amish community take care of their children. God gave them these precious children, God did not give or place these children or any others to the Government. Children belong to their parents, God said so.

  2. The ever-expanding CDC Childhood Vaccination Schedule which leads to children being given multiple injections of a product that has never been tested for safety of being used in this manner while the makers of such product are not liable for any and all harms is truly all that needs to initially be covered in presenting to the public and to our legislators.
    The vaccine makers have no real defense for this lack of testing. Don’t you agree this is all it takes for us to be able to demand that the vaccine makers be liable for their products?

  3. No one is above GOD!!

    The vaccinations have so many poisons.
    Contact your state poison control center and ask them how bad those poisons are!

    1. Oh what BS! You’re a part of the problem! Vaccines save lives. That’s why we are sending them over to 3rd world countries! To save all those little children dying from what should be an easily taken care of disease with a vaccine!

      1. Vicky – please do some of your own research! Don’t spout off the big pharma lies until you have done the homework yourself. Vaccines are not safe and they do not save lives. Strong immune systems save lives!!

      2. They are sending them over to the third world countries to kill them off – and I don’t mean the diseases. You need to wake up and see what is happening – clearly.

      3. Vicky, you are devoid of any scientific knowledge. There are thousands of studies proving that vaccines cause serious adverse effects, including death. You must search for the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System which has, so far, paid over $4 BILLION DOLLARS in compensation for vaccine injuries and deaths. Also look up the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which makes the vaccine manufacturers immune to law suits. That would be a good start.. Finally, here is a research paper that I authored in 2017. It explains many things.


      4. Actually it’s surprising that you don’t know anyone who has been injured by a Vaccine. It is becoming pretty common these days..

        Vaccines DO cause injuries – just read any insert. They never guarantee 100% safety. Instead they tell you the percentage of risk of harm. Say one in a million, or 1 in ten thousand.

        No vaccine EVER claims to be 100% safe.

        Have you heard of the Vaccine Court?

        Do you know that a 1986 Law grants pharmaceutical companies complete immunity from ever being sued for a vaccine injury?

        Do you know that there are NO REQUIRED SAFETY TESTS OR STANDARDS for new vaccines?

        Did you know that 60% of the CDC’s funding comes from Big Pharma?

        Did you know that the CDC OWNS Vaccine Patents and takes in $6B a year from vaccine sales?

        Have you seen the movie Vaxxed, or its sequel – which is mostly just testimonials from parents of vaccine injured children?

        On what do you base your opinions? Have you done any independent research? Please do some.

  4. This is a blatant disregard for Religious Freedom ! Did that judge swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America ? The judge is in absolute violation of that oath. In the old days that would be considered treason. Nowadays- black is white.
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20
    God Bless these innocent people, may they be protected by the His Almighty Hand.

  5. The AGENDA of deep swamp more evident ! In CA the vax exemptions are 4 per Dr, so at the 5th vax exemption, the Dr / provider will be INVESTIGATED. Tracked and hunted, targeted as I see it. People need to watch new Vaxxed II -all the harm , injury fully exposed. Home schooling under big threat. Not sure relocation will resolve, because Feds can declare martial law per germ , a weird virus, etc – thus > the End . Forced 100% to comply with WHATEVER. My pal & I just walked along a X-Mas parade as 10 foot syringe with neon lights & vax awareness info on agents in shots(attached to lollypop) -Must go where the crowds go -wake up!

  6. The Amish do not as a rule have autism. At least in my 18 years amount plain people.I never saw it or heard of it. If forced to have vaccines they very well might start developing autism and vaccine injury. This could be one big test case the pharmaceutical industry will regret.

    1. Or maybe that’s their plan. They won’t regret it, they’ll reap more profits from more chronically I’ll customers.

    2. I have been around the Amish for 45 yrs. It is very uncommon to see or hear of any mental/autism in their children or adults. They have been my friends and this is outrageous for our government to do. I have helped many with natural ways to fend off sicknesses.

  7. The US is a common law jurisdiction. Under common law, a corporation cannot do harm to a man or woman. The children are the property of the mother and father. No corporation can cause harm to the property of a man or woman. Use common law and see how quickly they back down. Common law is the supreme law of the land. File your claim against the man or woman issuing the order in a common law court. Learn more on common law on you tube under Karl Lentz. Common Law is the way to beat them. Speak as man in court.

    1. Children are no longer the “property” of the mother and father. They are the property of the state. The state mandates how a child is to be treated from infancy on up to when they reach their majority. If parents fail to treat their children the way the state has mandated, then the state removes the children from the custody of the parent. ;

  8. NYS is a disgusting state, Anyone with any sense needs to leave. Leave it to the liberals who hate personal freedoms. Get out while you still can.

  9. Time to move out of New York State or homeschool. Where is the With the establishment of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of HHS Trump laid the groundwork to protect our rights? Trump did this to dismantle each and every vaccine mandate across the country and Big Pharma’s chokehold on the nation’s health.

    1. Homeschoolers are being targeted there as well.
      They have said they are on the path to make homeschooling illegal in NY and NJ

  10. That’s so wrong that I can not stand it. American’s are we fed up enough yet???? Stop the insanity. Our constitution is being blocked.

  11. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it. People will come to believe it.” Adolf Hitler
    How does a product which is not proven safe or effective and carries numerous risks, protect ‘public health”.

  12. This is completely UnAmerican. Totally shameful. Some vaccines required are not even for contagious disease. I am glad I don’t live in NY. New Yorkers need to stand up for their freedom now before they have no choice in their health. If you stay quiet get ready for EVERYONE to be vaccinated for EVERYTHING with toxic barbaric ingrients including HUMAN DNA both male and female from an UNHEALTHY source. Do your research read a book, watch a documentary there are many!

  13. This is awful, especially with what they are putting in the vaccines.😥
    ABBA, pls. help these children.

  14. This is absolutely terrible to be forced to inject such terrible things into your body. So wrong!!

  15. Well surely you can’t be surprised at this in a state run by the liberal fools you have in the NY state government!!!

  16. Bottom line: NY is requiring an invasive medical procedure on people without their consent! Mengele is smiling from his grave!

  17. The Constitution has not ruled in our courts for decades. Small decisions lead to bigger decisions. The people have allowed it by not requiring judges to declare, when running for election, that they will strictly follow the Constitution.

  18. It’s past time to remove these people: Those passing the legislation and those ruling on it. There are more than enough of us with sense if we rally the complacent to VOTE!

  19. Vaccine poisoning is INTENTIONAL. Vaccines are the perfect way to “selectively thin the herd”. All you have to do is give Vaccines with added poisons to one group and a benign Vaccine to another social sub-group. Gardasil was designed to make its victims infertile while damaging the young person. Agenda 2030 from the UN shows that they want to ‘thin the herd’ to a Billion people or less. The current population is slightly under 8 Billion. I was almost killed by the Polio sugar cube back in 1961. I also developed dozens of allergies, both skin and respiratory which haunt me still. No issues Before that Vaccine but a plethora after. I’ve spent a fortune on over the counter medications because of my Vaccine poisoning. The insert for the MMR Vaccine is about the size of a card table, full of interactions…

  20. Except mandatory vaccines make public health WORSE!
    Amish children are among the healthiest around, vaccines would simply give them chronic lifelong diseases.

  21. REFUTE the unlawful and fraudulent 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship. It makes you CHATTEL PROPERTY of Congress. U.S. citizens have NO God given unalienable rights.
    This de facto corporate perversion of government is using UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) against every single U.S. citizen because of this fraudulent citizenship.
    The 14th Amendment never ratified via Article V.
    Everything they have done since Reconstruction is a fraud.
    This criminal corporate perversion of government operates 100% OUTSIDE the confines of the Constitution.
    Correct your political status, claim your rightful and LAWFUL State nationality and citizenship and remove yourself from their jurisdiction.

  22. The state sees you as cattle that they own and profit from. Therefore, they need to protect their property. Yet, it is your child who is at risk if not immunized; not those who are.

  23. Guys we all know this is wrong
    On every level!!! How do we stop this? Take it to the Supreme Court? Who hear has heard of article 5 of the US constitution?
    Article 5 provides for the convention of States a way to slow three fifths of the States to send one delegate from each state and this can be voted into law to allow for new Amendments. Like the projecting all of us from forced vaccination. Please get involved in your States you live in Convention of states.org !!!! .

  24. I am not from the states so I am not current on your laws although I am for vaccinations. The issue is usually that there are many out there who can not get the vaccines with low immune systems like cancer etc and if we aren’t vaccinated we could be transmitting diseases ( deadly diseases ) to those that can’t protect themselves and diseases that had been basically irradiated are now coming back because of the antivaccinators . Now when it comes to the Amish again I will say I’m not very knowledgeable although don’t they usual stay to themselves ? Isn’t this school strictly for Amish children ? So why by law are they needing vaccines if they are only around their own ? I’m just really confused on all of this

  25. The average life span of Amish is longer than the average American and Amish dont do vaccination? That is all you need to know the fraud that the medical industry is in the U.S.

  26. Sorry Amish believers! While I respect somewhat your beliefs – please, I beg of you, do not believe that God does not want us to be vaccinated against these terrible diseases – that is the reason he gave his grace and talents to people who have invented them and because of that,soooooooooo many hundreds of thousands have been saved from these horrible, deadly diseases. Please reconsider and understand this. It is because of people like you who do not understand, that many of these diseases we had finally gotten rid of, are coming back. Please understand and protect not only your families, but also other families you may come in contact with.

    1. Can you prove, with scientific evidence (cited, and conducted within the last 30 years), that anything you claim here is true? Also, grab one of the CDC brochures from a doctor’s office and try to find a research study cited – author and year – anywhere in it. You won’t find any. Every word is propaganda. Mandatory vaccination is a socially-acceptable, right-under-your-nose version of concentration camps. And they’re doing it just like Hitler did it – get buy in from the majority, and keep pushing until one side or the other is either dead or silent.

  27. You need to educate yourself. There is a wealth of knowledge on why vaccines are harmful and yet you are still for them based on your extremely skewed point of view about immunocompromised people. As a medical professional, the reason these people are so severely immunocompromised and eaten up with cancer, chronic illness, and autoimmune diseases is because most of them are fully vaccinated and every year continue to get flu/pneumonia vaccines. These vaccines have contributed to and caused the weakening and damaging of their immune systems. Believing what the extremely corrupt CDC tells you about vaccines without questioning it or doing your own research makes you one of the sheeple.


  29. This needs to be appealed. Call the American Center for Law and Justice with Jay Sekulow. His lawyers defend clients who have had their religious liberities and constit9 rights violated. He has taken these cases to the Supreme Court and won many of them. http://www.aclj.org



    1. Yes, Exactly. Someone recognizes this. The vaccines are a precursor. If the legislators can get people to lay down their inalienable right to life, and their Constitutional right to Religious Freedom, they know the path to the mark is unimpeded.

      People do have a choice. It’s called GOD. He has the answer to all of this. Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved from this assault from the pit of hell.

      The Lord Jesus Christ gave me a prayer, written in scripture, that he designated specifically for the demonic purveyors of these killer meds – It’s in Job 18 5 – 21. Read it out loud against the NY drug pushers. It will eviscerate their plans.

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